• Alcon braking systems

    We are the German importer of Alcon braking systems for off-road, armoured and military vehicles.

Alcon’s first customer was Audi who in the 1980’s needed a braking system for the Group B Quattro. Since then Alcon has been a regular supplier to the very top levels of motorsport. The demands of motorsport; highest quality, optimal design and efficient delivery are also required by OE and after-market sectors.

Today Alcon supplies brake systems ranging from supercars through off-roaders to 30-ton military vehicles. No other brake manufacturer has such a range of systems which include

  • Aluminium brake calipers (two piece and monobloc)
  • Cast iron brake caliper (opposed piston two piece & pin sliders)
  • Brake discs – iron and ceramic
  • Pedal boxes
  • Bespoke and off-the-shelf actuation solutions
  • Friction materials, hoses, park brake solutions
  • Clutches – carbon , sintered and organic

The benefits

  • Increased breaking performance to counter the effect of adding weight (armour)
  • Reduced through life costs (reduced pad and disc wear)
  • Increased durability to deal with the harsher environments experienced by armoured vehicles
  • Off-the-shelf certified kits that can be easily fitted to a range of vehicles
  • Bespoke design and development that can be tailored to meet your exact requirements

All brake systems are developed and tested by Alcon’s own engineering team. Production is in-house.

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