• Alcon braking systems

    We are the German importer of Alcon braking systems for off-road, armoured and military vehicles.

Armoured / Military

Our brake solutions are available for a number of applications. They are designed and built to the highest specification, developed to withstand the perils of this line of work while providing excellent braking performance.

The vehicles for which our armoured kits are available are detailed in the dropdown menu (available in a few days). If you have a requirement not outlined in the list, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to quote on development.


Every Alcon kit features robust components that are designed to perform superbly even in the harshest conditions. From high rocks to desert washes, these extensively tested brake systems will battle through the toughest challenges without sacrificing performance.

Offering better control, shorter stopping distances, significantly reduced pedal effort, temperature rise and pad work rate, our brake kits consistently last longer and perform better

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