• Components

    We offer a range of top quality modifications to enhance a vehicle’s utility and performance. We can improve all aspects of the vehicle so that it can fulfil whichever role it is set. Let us know the details of your project and we will configure the ideal solution.


Transparent Armour

A full range of ballistic glass to fit most popular armoured vehicles.


Extensively tested and developed complete suspension systems for armoured vehicles.

Runflat Systems

System for continued driving with punctured tires.

Brake Systems

A range of fully developed high performance braking systems for heavy duty applications.


Locking Differential

Compressed air operated locking differentials provide vastly improved traction during off-road driving.


Roof Tent

The foldable roof tent is securely mounted to the top of the vehicle or the load bed of a pickup or trailer. Setting up camp is an easy and quick procedure.

Tent Side

This tent is mounted to the vehicle and can be deployed or stowed away quickly.

Awning 270º

This larger awning is securely mounted to the vehicle and can be easily deployed to give a large shaded area.

Mosquito Net

Provides protection from insects.


Battery Monitor 12V

Manages and protects available battery energy. Installed in combination with a dual battery conversion.

Optima Red Top Battery

Heavy duty AGM battery with powerful engine start performance.

Optima Yellow Top Battery

Heavy duty AGM battery ideally suited to vehicle accessory demands.

Extra Lights

Improved illumination for better visibility and safety.

LED Driving Lights

Very powerful LED driving lights that are extremely energy efficient.

LED Light Kit Plug and Play

Energy efficient additional lighting system for vehicle and tent.


 HF communications

With durable and competitivecutting edge technology.

VHF/UHF two-way radio

With GPS and Bluetooth audio and data.

VHF/UHF two-way radio

With colour display, GPS and Bluetooth audio and data.

Portable VHF/UHF radio

For voice and data communication.

Antenna cable

Heavy duty antenna cable, extremely durable, for outdoor use

Automatic tuning HF vehicle antenna

For transreceivers with large channel capacity


Handheld Trail and Road Navigation

Rugged handheld GPS navigation device with Bluetooth, trip computer, road maps and satellite imagery.

Handheld Trail Navigation

Rugged handheld GPS navigation device with barometric altimeter, dual battery, live tracking and satellite imagery.


Air Jack

The air jack is inflated by the vehicle’s exhaust gas so makes light work of lifting a vehicle.

Hi-Lift Jack

Lift the vehicle a greater height than a standard jack. A useful accessory for vehicle recovery.

Hi-Lift Jack Case

A robust case to protect a Hi-Lift jack.

Hi-Lift Jack Base Plate

Provides a stable platform for a Hi-Lift jack. Useful if the vehicle is off-road.

Snatch Strap

The recovery vehicle is backed up so that the snatch strap can be attached to a second rated recovery point on the rear of the recovery vehicle. The recovery vehicle then drives off, and the strap begins to stretch, building up potential energy, until the force keeping the vehicle bogged is overcome, at which point the bogged vehicle is pulled forward.


Use a pulley together with an electric winch for vehicle self-recovery.

Sand Ladder, Folding

For freeing a 4×4 stuck in sand, as well as any type of soft ground.

Recovery Kit

This kit contains a selection of straps, blocks and shackles to assist in recovering a vehicle.

Tyre Repair Kit

The kit includes all the components necessary to repair tubeless radial or cross ply tires, without removing the tyre from the vehicle or rim.


A Safari snorkel system relocates your engine’s air intake point from the relatively low and vulnerable position under the hood to a much higher and safer location where a constant source of cool, clean, dry air is available.

Long Range Fuel Tank

This replacement tank can double the vehicle’s operating range.

Compressor T-Max 12V 160l

Heavy duty portable 12 volt air compressor.

Compressor Kit

A light weight and portable12 volt air compressor.

Fuel Canister

For the safe transport of additional fuel.

Water Container 20l

Securely transports clean drinking water.

“Diesel” Sticker

Useful sticker for fleet vehicles operated by many drivers.

Sticker “Water”

To clearly identify precious drinking water containers.


Bull Bar

Protects the vehicle from collisions. Can also be used to mount additional lighting, electric winch or antennae.

Rear Bumper

Additional protection against rear-end collisions.

Unterfahrschutz Skid Plate

Protects the engine, transmission and under body from accidental damage.

Truck Bed Protection

Truck Bed Protection provides a non-slip surface and protection against damage.


Hard Top

Increases the secure storage possibilities of a pick up.

Roof Rack

Secure and organised storage systems can be fitted to the cargo area and the vehicle interior.

Cargo Bed Cover

Protects the cargo area from theft and weather.

Drawer Systems

Safe, secure and efficient storage system

Explorer Cases

Secure storage for electrical items.

Storage Box Aluminum

Useful and flexible storage boxes to keep your equipment safe.

Cool Box

Store fresh food for longer periods with a cool box.

Cool Box Mounting Plate

Enables secure mounting of cool box in vehicle.

Outside Spare Wheel Carrier

Practical spare wheel storage.

Wheel Stair

This accessory is hung over one of the wheels and provides a secure step. Perfect for reaching the roof rack.

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