• Mobility Solutions

    We offer special vehicle programs that are tailored to meet the needs of diplomatic, military, international and government customers.

  • Vehicle Conversions

    We build and supply vehicles specially converted for use with humanitarian, diplomatic and expeditionary missions in regions of extreme climatic conditions and areas of severe topography.

  • Technischer Service

    Unsere technischen Außendienst-Mitarbeiter führen Reparaturen und Instandhaltungsmaßnahmen vor Ort durch. Sie sind weltweit und auch kurzfristig verfügbar.

Vehicle Conversions
We convert and supply vehicles for use in humanitarian missions, scientific and economic exploration, and for the diplomatic corps

Customer Vehicles
Our high-quality components are supplied to customers wishing to upgrade their own vehicles. We also perform various installations on behalf of specialist equipment manufacturers

Large Selection
Our product range includes pickups, SUVs, vans and trucks. We help you pick the most appropriate base vehicle for the intended purpose

Regional Variations
We use the appropriate base vehicle for the client’s area of operation. This improves longevity and simplifies maintenance when the vehicle reaches its final destination.

Understanding our clients’ needs
We attach great importance to understanding our customers’ requirements. Which is why knowing the climate, terrain and role in which the vehicle will be used guides the improvements we perform

Service and Maintenance
We pride ourselves on delivering vehicles that are thoroughly developed and produced to the highest quality. Our commitment to our products does not stop at the point of delivery.

About US

Dipsales has a long history of supplying vehicles to the humanitarian, diplomatic, engineering and exploration sectors.

We stock a wide range of vehicles; from cars to pickups, SUVs to vans. Many of our vehicles are available with left- and right-hand-drive, and in several regional variations. There will be a suitable vehicle to meet your requirement.

Our vehicles can be also fitted for additional purpose – from efficient project vehicles to specialist medical, electronic or armoured platforms.

We listen to our clients’ requirements and work to optimise the vehicle conversion to its purpose and budget.

Dipsales takes pride in long term client relationships – we support our clients and their vehicles through the fast supply of vehicle spare parts, technical upgrades and field service visits

About LMNT

LMNT® is Dipsales own brand and was inspired by the periodic table of chemical elements. We developed a modular system of components which, just like chemical elements, can be combined with others to build larger compounds. Our components can be combined to build a superbly performing 4×4 vehicle.

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