• LMNT® Shock Absorbers / Springs

About this product
We have a wide range of suspension upgrades all of which have been carefully developed and thoroughly tested.

Designed to enhance the vehicle’s road performance, this package combines special springs and improved damping to provide a more comfortable ride. Ideal for drivers who spend much of their time on the road and need occasional off-road capability

These packages offer serious off-road performance upgrades and are available for vehicles with standard, modified or long-travel suspension.

Heavy Load
Developed for massively increased gross vehicle weight applications, this package incorporates extreme heavy-duty components to provide optimum control. The anti-roll bars, shock absorbers and springs greatly reduce body roll and increase high speed stability. The shock absorber’s large-diameter bore allows for greater damping force capability while allowing the shock to run at lower overall temperatures resulting in less fade and consistent damping. This is a particular advantage during sustained driving in hot climates

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