• Runflat Systems

    We offer runflat systems tailored to your rim, so that your vehicle remains roadworthy even with a flat tire.

Runflat systems

Runflat systems (also known as Runflat inserts) are bolted onto wheel rims and support the tyre when flat, allowing the vehicle to continue driving safely for up to 100kms following ballistic or terrain related tyre damage.
When the tyre is fully inflated, the Runflat system has no effect on performance or handling of the vehicle. If the tyre becomes deflated, the Runflat system prevents full deflection by supporting the tyre and enables the vehicle to continue its journey until its passengers and contents reach a safe place.

Our Runflat inserts provide the following advantages:

  • Quick fitting time
  • Ultra-safe to fit
  • Lightweight
  • Superior material used
  • Ballistic resistant material
  • Reusable system
  • Safe vehicle handling
  • Superior distances covered

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