• LMNT® Permanent 4x4, Toyota Hilux

    More traction on every track in every season.

LMNT® Permanent 4×4 allows you to drive on any surface – even dry asphalt – providing more stability when towing or added traction in wet slippery conditions.
When additional off-road performance is required then the centre differential can be locked so that power is transmitted equally between both axles. This improves traction on loose surfaces such as gravel, sand and snow.
Low-range is used for increased torque and greater manoeuvrability in extreme off-road conditions. The low range provides better control when climbing and descending steep inclines and powering through deep snow, mud and sand. The LMNT® Permanent 4×4 is available for the current Hilux (2016+) and the previous Hilux (2005-2015).

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