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    Help protect your investment and yourself through one of our operator and technical training courses.

Technical Training

We take a complete approach to technical training, with prevention being the best cure. All of this can be delivered to fit the customer’s location and language requirements.

Technical training can include:

A full set of specifically tailored teaching manuals and material can be supplied if required.

Operator Training

Our operator experience is world class and this level of expertise is reflected within the training programme. These programmes can be tailored to customer specific requirements and can include motorcycles, quads, civilian 4×4 vehicles and high mobility, military platforms.

Available courses cover:

Tactical Awareness Training

Training is required to ensure that drivers have a complete understanding of their current situation. With this knowledge the driver can then make informed decisions about the current and potential threats facing the team, the individual and the mission objectives.

Our driving instructors deliver vital skills in perception and comprehension, covering:

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